Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Light Angel

Hi =D
Today I'm gonna blog about my encounters with an Angel .

   It was night-time & I was alone in my parents' room watching TV while they were downstairs with some friends . I still remember that it was 9:00pm + 

   Suddenly , it blacked out . I can't seem to find the door . I was so scared that somehow " something " was calming me down . I saw a bright white light with some very tiny wings at the corner of the room . It lighted everything ! I wasn't scared at all . 

   Then I quickly got out from the room & ran as fast as I could . I found my parents outside with their friends . Finally , I asked my mom if her clock has an automatic light or something . She said : No . I thought I was imagining everything so when I was in my parents' room again , I switched off the lights & found out that the clock doesn't even light up .

   Maybe the ' light ' was trying to save me from any harm when it blacked out =D 

God Bless You ,
Snail148 . 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Prayer From Nowhere

Hi Guys ! =D
Okey , this incident happened when I was just a little boy . 
It's still stuck in my mind until today .

   I was sleeping with my parents back then . I don't have my own room . It was around 11:00pm & my parents already slept , living me alone with the television . All lights were switched off except the yellow one . I watched " Scooby-Doo " ( as it was my favorite show ) . I muted the television . 

   Suddenly I heard a loud thundery sound saying " Bismillahir rahmanir rahim " . ( Muslim knows what it means , it's like a prayer before doing anything/something ) . I was terrified that I woke up my mom & asked her to switch off the television . I couldn't sleep , I sweat a lot too ... 

   Next day , when we were going out , I told my mom about it . As usual , she didn't believe me .

( The voice was a man's voice & very terrifying )

May Allah Bless whoever said the prayer to me >=D